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Marc Jones on PCC re-election goals and “unfinished business”

Conservative candidate for May elections

Marc Jones, incumbent Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), will fight to keep his position to continue his “unfinished business” and challenge four other candidates in the PCC elections on May 6.

The PCC role oversees the strategy and finances of the police force and hires and fires chief constables, who are responsible for the daily policing operations. Mr Jones (Conservatives) was the second elected PCC of Lincolnshire in May 2016, and the role is paid £65,000 per year.

Labour City of Lincoln councillor Rosanne Kirk, David Williams from Lincolnshire Independents, Liberal Democrat Ross Pepper and Reform UK party member Peter Escreet are the other Lincolnshire PCC candidates.

Mr Jones said: “There hasn’t been a single day that I’ve not thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s been endlessly challenging, interesting and it’s unique because not only do you get the responsibility of shaping policy, but you actually have the responsibility of managing the budget.”

His said he is standing again for PCC because he has “unfinished business” and wants to continue his work.

“I have built the local, regional and national connections to make sure Lincolnshire’s voices are heard and equally been successful in bringing in additional funding.”

His plans, if re-elected, include a new £250,000 anti fly-tipping fund and £500,000 rural crime fund to tackle crime in rural areas in Lincolnshire.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PCC elections were delayed a year, meaning the next term is only three years instead of four. Mr Jones believes this is not a enough time for a new PCC to “get their head around the job.”

“We need three years of absolute delivery to really get the very best out of Lincolnshire Police and the best for Lincolnshire and I honestly think I can deliver that.”

Marc Jones assured that he will continue to have a deputy PCC “because it’s simply too big a job for a single individual to do properly on their own”.

He said: “My personal views are that the morale and safety of officers and staff is paramount” and freeing up officer time to make them better trained is vital as well as having more police.

On the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Jones said there will be “lasting effects, particularly on our younger population and as partners, we need to really recognise that and get together and really have a plan for what we’re going to do to support our community.”

“It’s absolutely imperative that the next three years build on what we’ve already delivered and I would urge people to do that.

“I am confident that as a resident of Lincolnshire, as somebody who cares passionately about their community, that I’m in this for the right reasons and I want to be able to deliver my plan to keep people safer over the next three years and beyond.”

More on how Marc Jones plans to make Lincolnshire safer can be found on his campaign website.

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