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Harvesting world record held in Lincolnshire for seven years

The company has broken the record multiple times

Global firm New Holland Agriculture reclaimed its Guinness World Record for the most wheat harvested by a single combine harvester in eight hours over six years ago and is proud to still hold the title today.

The record was attempted at H.R. Bourn and Son’s farm in Grange de Lings on August 15, 2014.

The field was sown with Santiago wheat in the autumn of 2013 before it was chosen in May 2014 for the record breaking attempt, which meant that it represented real world growing conditions. It was a record breaking performance of 797.656 tonnes in eight hours.

It is the third time the company has held the record and each time it has been beaten New Holland Agriculture has proudly reclaimed it back.

The team started with the 653 horsepower CR10.90 combine, which it launched in 2013, and five T7 tractors with 14 tonne trailers. The record attempt began at 11.17am in the morning and finished at 7.16pm, which was later verified by Guinness as a world record.

During the record attempt with the CR10.90 combine. | Photo: New Holland Agriculture

New Holland Agriculture had a team of 15 in the field, including one driver for the combine and five for the tractor and trailers.

The team included the firm’s Global Brand Communications Manager Andrew Dunne, who was a timekeeper for the record and looked after the video crew.

Andrew Dunne told The Lincolnite: “We are very proud. At the Agritechnica show in Germany in 2019 we promoted the fact we are still a Guinness World Record holder. In the meantime we have had competition, but nobody has beaten it yet. We are always looking at developing our combines and adding to their features.

“One of the main reasons it was done near Wragby is because it is an area of high yielding crops. They get high yields consistently and working with HR Bourn we found a field with the right yield and moisture content for the record attempt.”

The global firm holds the Guinness World Record for the most wheat harvested by a single combine harvester in eight hours. | Photo: New Holland Agriculture

New Holland Agriculture is an agricultural brand of CNH Industrial which is the 4th largest capital goods company in the world.

It has five different ranges of combines in Europe, with 20 different models.

The firm has a dealer network across the UK, including in Lincolnshire. It operates across the globe and the main tractor plant is in Basildon Essex.

New Holland Agriculture – record team

  • Geert Nerinckx: Organiser & coordinator – New Holland
  • Serge Deleersnyder: CR10.90 combine driver – New Holland
  • Pravin Patel: Guinness World Records record adjudicator
  • Alan Robson: Second independent witness – Chaplain for agriculture at University of Lincoln
  • Andrew Dunne: Official time keeper – New Holland
  • John Shepard: Farm Manager at H.R. Bourn and Sons farm in Wragby
  • Pete, Igor, Wieslaw, Ray and Gary: Tractor and trailer drivers – H.R. Bourn and  Sons farm
  • Dries Depreitere: Engineering support – New Holland
  • Denis McGrath – Field Support – Demo Team Coordinator – New Holland
  • Diarmuid Lonergan – Field Support – Demo Team – New Holland
  •  Harry Maisey – Field Support – Demo Team – New Holland

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