December 24, 2021 5.00 pm

Seven-year-old Lincoln girl’s thanks for donations towards dream bionic arm

“Thank you everybody for donating”

A young girl from Lincoln has thanked everyone for making her “dreams come true” after a fundraiser to help her get a bionic arm surpassed £10,000.

Eloise Clark, seven, was born without her left hand due to a condition called amniotic band syndrome, so her mother Charlotte started a fundraiser for a bionic arm, which reached an incredible £7,500 in a matter of weeks.

Among those who donated was Lincoln businessman and philanthropist Toby Taylor, who contacted The Lincolnite pledging to cover the remaining £2,500 balance of Eloise’s £10,000 fundraiser.

Eloise’s life is about to change forever. | Photo: Charlotte Clark

Eloise’s dream is starting to look more and more like a reality after the fundraiser, as well as finding a company, Open Bionics, willing to fit the arm for her.

Coronavirus restrictions have meant her appointments have been delayed regularly, so Eloise will have to wait until 2022 until her bionic arm is fitted.

To keep up to date with Eloise’s progress, follow her Facebook page documenting the journey towards her bionic arm.

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