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Rewind 2022: The top Lincolnite Tries experiences

American Football and flight simulators, just another day in the life!

By Local Democracy Reporter

There aren’t many jobs out there where you can look back on a year and realise you’ve played American Football, splashed around in a water park and played 18 holes of X-rated mini-golf, but thankfully the reporters at The Lincolnite are on hand to do it.

At Stonebow Media we have a feature series called The Lincolnite Tries, where we typically go to sample new food or drink menus when venues open in the county of Lincolnshire.

It has proven hugely successful and popular amongst readers, which prompted us to venture out into more experiences for 2022 – pushing reporters out of their comfort zone to try things they may never have attempted before.

2022 saw our reporters play raunchy golf, attempt a home run in baseball, learn the ropes of American Football, try to land a plane in a flight simulator, and much more.

Here are some of the most exciting and unique experiences we tried out in 2022, whether it be virtual reality madness or intense sporting activity.

American Football with the Lincolnshire Bombers

Early in 2022, with Super Bowl 56 around the corner, we went for a training session with the local American Football team – the Lincolnshire Bombers.

Reporter Ellis Karran was put through his paces in a series of drills that tested the range of skills you need across all positions on an American Football field.

We were taught how to throw like a quarterback, catch like a wide receiver, track plays like a linebacker and hit like a defensive tackle – and thanks to the Lincolnshire Bombers we now feel ready to take on Tom Brady!

The Lincolnshire Bombers have made immense progress alongside the popularity of the sport in the UK in recent years, currently competing in the British National Football League Division 2.

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Aviation in Newark College’s flight simulator

The Lincolnite took to the skies while keeping our feet firmly on the ground at the start of 2022, as we headed over to Newark College to try out one of their £40,000 flight simulator machines.

The simulator will be used as part of Newark College’s new £15 million Air and Space Institute at the former Cattle Market site, of which construction has started and is expected to be complete by September 2024.

We were given a crash course on the modes and dials within the cockpit, before taking off and landing on the RAF Waddington runway and flying around Lincolnshire.

We had a couple of bumpy moments on landing, and it’s safe to say flying a plane is much harder than pilots make it look, but the technology will serve as vital experience and training for students aspiring towards a career in aviation.

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Baseball with the Wragby Warhammers

The second of our sporting experiences in 2022 came in the form of a practice session with Lincolnshire’s only baseball team – the Wragby Warhammers.

The team taught us all the basics of the game, including the correct ball striking technique, how to pitch and catch, and how to run bases.

We enjoyed it so much that reporter Ellis Karran jokingly told the team he’d “found his calling in life”, recommending the sport to anyone looking for a new hobby.

The Wragby Warhammers are now recruiting for their second season, after their maiden campaign saw them reach the semi-finals of the play-off stage in the Single A British Baseball League.

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Taking on the Lincoln Water Park

It didn’t always go to plan for The Lincolnite reporter Ellis Karran, but he had fun doing it! | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Some days as a journalist you can hardly believe your luck. Well, that day was Friday, May 6, 2022 for The Lincolnite reporter Ellis Karran – who got to try out the revamped Lincoln Water Park at Thorpe on the Hill.

With colour coordinated obstacles for all skill levels, the Hydroclimb obstacle course section, believed to be the biggest of its kind in the country, is a great test of your strength and balance, with any failure rewarded with a big splash.

There are slopes and slides, rope swings and hamster wheels. Lincoln Water Park is the place to feel like a child again, though after 15-20 minutes you soon realise the painful reality that you do not have the fitness you were blessed with as a child.

Lincoln Water Park is currently closed for the winter season, but it will return with a big splash in May 2023, running until September.

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VR Days’ virtual reality experience

The Lincolnite’s Daniel Jaines and Joseph Verney trying different virtual reality games. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

A new firm set up by four friends from Lincoln caught our eye this year, as VR Days brought their virtual reality experience to The Lincolnite offices at the end of April.

The experience includes a host of different games for you to try by using the virtual reality glasses and motion sensor controllers, whether it’s Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds or kart racing.

VR Days caters for indoor and outdoor events, whether they be sporting, corporate or general leisure, and there are games for people of all ages to try out.

It is an example of the rapid advancement of technology and how we can utilise that for our entertainment in an innovative and exciting way.

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Crazy golf at Urban Putters

Urban Putters opened at Vulcan Park on George Street in Lincoln back in February, offering nine themed holes of mini-golf fun for all.

The Lincolnite went to try it out for a sneak preview ahead of the opening, sampling popular holes such as Dude, Where’s My Par and Pump Up The Jam at the site.

The venue is decorated and designed with eye-catching authenticity, and each part of the nine-hole course has its own unique style and theme – including the staff and customer favourite UV-lit Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat.

Local independent restaurant Dough LoCo offer food at the site for customers, creating a rounded experience that is about more than just playing crazy golf.

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Raunchy crazy golf at GloryHoles

Mini-golf with an 18 certificate arrived in Lincoln earlier this year, as GloryHoles Golf opened its doors for people wanting a cheeky and often suggestive twist on the classic game.

The site has 18 raunchy holes and other putting mini-games for you to try, as well as an extensive cocktail and drinks menu.

Holes include a pub bathroom design, a DJ booth, a sex shop and an opening ice breaker to really prepare you for the madness you are about to witness.

It goes without saying that this venue is designed for adults, so if you’d like 18 holes with a twist, look no further than GloryHoles Golf.

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